Poster session

Thursday, 6 June 2013, 19:00–21:00

  1. James Allison: The probability weighted empirical characteristic function and goodness-of-fit testing
  2. Katarzyna Brzozowska-Rup: A new modification of particle filter algorithm
  3. Todor Dinev: The asymptotic Berry-Esseen constant for intervals
  4. Adam Doskocz: Use of nonparametric statistics for estimation of accuracy of digital map data
  5. Wiktor Ejsmont: Noncommutative characterization of free Meixner processes
  6. Jolanta Grala-Michalak: The application of polar coordinates in discriminant and cluster analysis
  7. Wiesław Grygierzec: Maximum principle for optimal control of stochastic infinite dimensional diffusion equation
  8. Dorota Kowalska: Lowest eigenvalue bounds for Markov processes with obstacles
  9. Lucian Maticiuc: Stochastic delay variational inequalities and associated stochastic control problems
  10. Wojciech Matysiak: Racah polynomials and stitched Markov processes
  11. Marcin Pitera: Dynamic limit growth indices
  12. Agata Sakowicz: A characterization of Dirichlet distribution through neutralities
  13. Leonard Santana: Diagnostic tests for the distribution of random effects in multivariate mixed effects models
  14. Katarzyna Steliga: On $\alpha(j)$-modified distributions and their properties
  15. Leonid Torgovitski: Darling-Erdős-type CUSUM-procedures for dependent high-dimensional data
  16. Adam Zagdański: Sieve bootstrap based prediction intervals for time series
  17. Maria Ziemlańska: Method of lines for parabolic stochastic functional partial differential equations