Lévy and Related Jump Processes

  1. Christian Palmes: Statistical inference for certain jump dependencies in multidimensional Lévy processes
  2. Irmina Czarna: Parisian ruin probabilities with a lower ultimate bankrupt barrier
  3. Michał Ryznar: Dirichlet heat kernels of unimodal Lévy processes
  4. Tomasz Byczkowski: Hitting half-spaces of spheres by Ornstein-Uhlenbeck type diffusions
  5. Martin Wendler: Stable limit theorem for U-statistics processes indexed by a random walk
  6. Paweł Szabłowski: On Markov processes with polynomial conditional moments
  7. Zbigniew Michna: Formulas for the supremum distribution of spectrally asymmetric Lévy processes
  8. Alexander Schnurr: Path properties of stochastic processes with underlying Lévy dynamics