Stochastic Processes in the Life Sciences

  1. Radosław Wieczorek: Individual based approach to fragmentation with shattering
  2. Marcin Magdziarz: Detecting ergodicity and mixing in experimental data
  3. Götz Kersting: Beta-coalescent trees and their lengths
  4. Thomas Kurtz: A stochastic derivation of the Michaelis-Menten equation
  5. Paweł Zwoleński: Phenotypic evolution of hermaphrodites
  6. Przemysław Paździorek: Mathematical model of stem cell differentiation and tissue regeneration with stochastic noise
  7. Paweł Błażej: Optimization of nucleotide substitution process in protein coding sequences
  8. Bence Mélykúti: Equilibrium distributions of simple biochemical reaction systems for time-scale separation in stochastic reaction networks