Models for Ordered Data

  1. Krzysztof Jasiński: Maximum variance of order statistics from symmetric populations
  2. Jens Lennartz: Confidence regions in models of ordered data
  3. Alexander Katzur: Homogeneity-testing in multiparameter exponential families
  4. Kamil Dyba: Multidimensional quantile functions and multidimensional stochastic orders
  5. Patryk Miziuła: Precise evaluations for lifetime variances of reliability systems with exchangeable components
  6. Ekaterina Bezgina: Dependence properties of sequential order statistics
  7. Maria Kamińska-Zabierowska: Preservation of the generalized TTT transform order
  8. Andrzej Okolewski: Stability of L-statistics against dependence of observations
  9. Tomasz Rychlik: Bounds on expectations of small order statistics from DDA and DFRA populations