Statistical Inference

  1. Teresa Ledwina: Detection of non-Gaussianity
  2. Tadeusz Inglot: Data driven tests for univariate symmetry
  3. Carsten Jentsch: Penalized approach for estimating party positions with time-varying word weights from political texts
  4. Markus Reiß: Efficiency for covolatility matrix estimation under noise
  5. Jan Mielniczuk: Linear model selection via combined $l_1$ and $l_0$-penalized least squares
  6. Piotr Pokarowski: Delete or merge regressors for linear model selection
  7. Jakob Söhl: A uniform central limit theorem and efficiency for deconvolution estimators
  8. Wojciech Rejchel: Lasso and adaptive Lasso with convex loss functions
  9. Lutz Mattner: Partial complete sufficiency implies completeness
  10. Aleksander Zaigrajew: Likelihood vs integrated likelihood in statistical inference
  11. Robert Schlicht: Dual representation of convex sets of probability measures